Women’s History Museum of Zambian on 27th March 2019 premiered “Leading Ladies”, a short animated Zambian podcast web series that tells the story of historical women between 17th and 19th century who held significant positions of leadership.

The animated podcast is a collaboration between the Women’s History Museum and the Dutch cultural fund HIVOS-Southern Africa Region.

The museum sourced the stories from the documents of the National Archives of Zambia and partnered with local artistic talent to bring these stories to life. The stories depict women from all the 10 provinces of Zambia and have been given archetype titles to show how contemporary ideas of leadership are parallel to how they led in the pre-colonial times.

These titles include: “The General”, “The Innovator”, “The Feminist”, “The Warrior”, “The Secretary of State”, “The Diplomat”, “The Peacemaker”, “The Head of State”, “The Politician” and the “The Power Broker”. The stories were written by Mulenga Kapwepwe and the podcast was produced by Samba Yonga, both who are co-founders of the museum.

You can view the episodes on these channels: 

Episode 1 – The General https://youtu.be/VjXktuYSgfQ

Episode 2 – The Warrior https://youtu.be/rJbpyOYPrkw

Episode 3 – The Secretary of State https://youtu.be/_wQ21pmFYZY

Episode 4 – The Peacemaker https://youtu.be/nlwzQ33XpaE

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